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Poegel Theory


Time SignaturesPoegel Theory of Time Travel

     Time Travel Author Werner Poegel has his own theory of  Time Travel.   He is currently incorporating his ideas into the Time Travel work,  Time Signatures

Essential Theory Components

     Each living organism or non-living thing can be described numerically at the sub-atomic level and defined through a series of equations.   Central to these equations for humans is the “time signature”, a portion of the unique DNA which is hidden to usual examination, but can  be revealed by the application of extraordinary means.   These extradinary means will be defined in the Time Travel book, Time Signatures, a work in progress by Time Travel author Werner Poegel.

Variance in Time Signature

     The Time Signature is a numerical equivalent which can be described graphically as coexisting with unique DNA.  The Time Signature describes a physical location in space, but more importantly, also a physical position in time.

Comparison of Time Signatures

     In order to calculate a “Time Signature” for a specific past or future time, one must come up with a formula.   In theory, the variance in time signature would be a constant from person to person, animal to animal, plant to plant, and calculated over a period of several years to minimize the possibilty of significant error.  Once calculated, the resultant “Time Signature Constant”, or “TSC”, could be used to determine the Time Signature for a desired past or future time.

Manipulation of Time Signature

     The Poegel Theory of Time Travel via TSC manipulation asserts that if the hidden portion of DNA can be altered to a new Time Signature, the living object will now exist in the new Time.   In order to return to present time from the past or future, DNA must once again be changed to concord with present time, returning the traveler from whence he left.

Dangers of DNA Manipulation

     Werner Poegel’s work, Time Signatures depicts a world in which DNA manipulation for Time Travel is possible, describes the process by which this is achieved, and follows a plot line wherein dangers of DNA manipulation are discovered.


     The nature of cell reproduction in living organisms pre-supposes that the DNA Time Signature string can only be so short or so long, depending on the preprogrammed optimal lifespan of the organism.   With humans, it is assumed that cell replication might degrade at an age of 100-200 years or so, so it might be surmised that one can’t go forward in time more than 100-200 years without extreme risk under the Time Signatures theory.   The reasoning does not relate specifically to the aging process or propose that a time traveler to the future would age during the process, but rather, that the time traveler’s DNA must be compatible with the new hidden “Time Signature” for the process to work.    The greater the difference in time displacement desired, the greater the risk to the organism.   Subjects being considered for a Time Travel program must necessarily undergo a screening process ascertaining that DNA is as healthy as possible for optimal results.

Changing DNA

     The difficulty of Time Travel under the Poegel Time Travel theory is the actual manipulation of the Time Signature DNA string causing a change in the TSC, or Time Signature constant.   The desired result is DNA change resulting in reversible time displacement without damaging the time traveler permanently.   Positive results are achieved by introducing the DNA change to the body in such a way that results occur simultaneously to all cells so that 100% of the time traveler arrives at the desired destination at exactly the same time.

Time Signatures in progress

     Want answers to the above?  Look for the work, TIME SIGNATURES, by Werner Poegel for an exciting and absorbing tale of time travel intrigue incorporating the Poegel Theory of Time Travel and exploring all of the challenges.

Copyright Werner Poegel 2009   All Rights Reserved.


Copyright 2009  Werner Poegel Templeton Massachusetts   All Rights Reserved

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