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Dec 292009

Timequest is a science fiction film released in 2000 and 2002, directed by Robert Dyke. It stars the ensemble cast of Victor Slezak as John F. Kennedy, Caprice Benedetti as Jacqueline Kennedy, Vince Grant, and popular b-movie actor Bruce Campbell. After premiering in April 13, 2002, the film had a limited theatrical release in the United States, followed shortly by distribution on VHS and DVD to the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Timequest explores the science fiction theme of altering the present day by traveling back in time and tampering with past events. In this particular film, on the morning of November 22, 1963, a seventy-something man (Ralph Waite) who wears spacesuit-type clothing materializes in the hotel suite occupied by Jackie Kennedy (Caprice Benedetti). The Time Traveler shows Jackie future television footage of the assassination and funeral of John F. Kennedy (Victor Slezak). Shortly thereafter, the Time Traveler speaks to the president and to Attorney General Bobby Kennedy (Vince Grant), giving them details of their respective assassinations and of the public revelations of JFK’s sex scandals. The Time Traveler, knowing Bobby’s ways, won’t state his name or his birthplace, but does mention that he was born on this day. The Time Traveler asks Jackie to dance with him; she does. (The Time Traveller is obsessed with Jackie Kennedy.) The Time Traveler and the three Kennedys drink a toast in the hotel suite just before 12:30 pm, which is the time that history is definitely changed (JFK is shot-JFK is not shot). At 12:30 the Time Traveler turns into nothingness, and the lead-crystal glass that he was holding, drops to the floor and shatters. Bobby finds a piece of glass with the Time Traveler’s fingerprint on it. Lee Harvey Oswald (Jeffery Steiger) is captured, taken to Washington, and gives much info to the Warren Commission; as a result, the CIA is disbanded. Meanwhile, Bobby Kennedy is determined to uncover the Time Traveler’s identity, but Jackie exacts an iron promise from Bobby that the Time Traveler-wouldbe will never be harmed. As it turns out, the Time Traveler-wouldbe is Raymond Mead (Joseph Murphy). At sixteen he commits a burglary, is arrested and put on a prison bus; his fingerprinting enables President Bobby Kennedy to know the Time Traveler’s name. President Bobby has the teenager pulled off the bus, he talks to the kid, and he gives Mead a full pardon. Years later, when Mead has become an artist, an elderly Jackie buys many of his paintings. In 2001, after JFK dies of old age (and Jackie is already dead), youngest son James Robert Kennedy (Rick Gianasi) explains to Mead why the Kennedy family has been so generous to him.

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