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Dec 292009

Thrill Seekers (“The Time Shifters” –U.K. title–) is a 1999 Sci-Fi movie featuring Casper Van Dien, Catherine Bell and Martin Sheen, among others.

The film was shot in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Tom Merrick (Van Dien) works as a TV reporter when he’s nearly killed in an accident while informing about a fire in a power plant. The sight of a creepy-looking man leaving the place accidentally saves his life, but gets another reporter killed in his place.

After some time, he decides to do some research on catastrophes for a documentary he’s preparing when he accidentally stumbles upon several pictures of the man at the power plant (Richings), who appears to turn up in different disasters as far apart as 50 years, but who still looks the same in all the pictures.

He goes deeper into the mystery and ends up discovering that a futuristic enterprise –Thrill Seekers– will make time travel possible in the future and will sell trips to the past. These trips consist of travelers going straight to a catastrophe right before it happens, so they can experience the emotion but are able to travel back in time again before they get killed.

Thanks to that knowledge, Merrick is able to save a plane from crashing and killing hundreds of people. Unfortunately, this type of discoveries endangers the very fabric of space-time and his own life, when Thrill Seekers sends a couple of agents to find and kill him.

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