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Nov 192009

2007 Movie

Meghan (Jackie Kreisler) and Dylan (Shane Elliott), two down-on-their-luck 20 somethings are traveling the Nevada desert late one night. After stopping at the famous “Little A’Le’Inn” diner in Alamo and hearing strange stories about the Roswell UFO crash from the bartender (Jonathan Breck), Meghan and Dylan begin noticing strange phenomenon. When their car starts picking up vintage World War 2 radio broadcasts and they become lost in the desert near the titular Area 51, things go from bad to worse as the pair encounter all sorts of strange happenings, including ghosts who proclaim to Meghan that they know “who she is” and a man dressed in black clothes with glowing eyes. When Meghan finds a strange bunker in the desert filled with old newspaper clippings regarding Dr. Niedlander (Kyle Saylors), a scientist who studied time travel in the 1960’s and Dylan begins acting suspiciously, Meghan questions everything she’s ever known about herself.

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