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Nov 182009

Click is a 2006 American fantasy-comedy film directed by Frank Coraci and written by Steve Koren and Mark O’Keefe. Click tells the story of Michael Newman, an overworked architect so wrapped up in his job because of his boss John Ammer that his family is forced to take the backseat. He gets a “universal remote” from an eccentric store clerk named Morty, and finds he can literally control the universe around him. It began filming in late-2005 and was finished by early-2006. The film was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Makeup. Click was released in North America on June 23, 2006 by Columbia Pictures and Revolution Studios.

Sandler plays Michael Newman, an architect married to wife Donna, with two children, Ben and Samantha. One night, after Michael loses his temper at the amount of remote controls in the house, he goes in search of a universal remote control for his appliances. At a store named Bed Bath & Beyond he meets Morty, a “back room” clerk who happens to be an eccentric inventor who gives him a “universal” remote control and warns that it can never be returned.

The Click remoteTo Michael’s amazement, he finds out that the remote controls the universe, anticipating and interpreting his wishes. After some initial fun with it, Michael decides to skip to a promotion, but soon finds out he skipped a year of his life. Michael subsequently tries to destroy the remote, but it keeps regenerating.

Michael is fast-forwarded ten years into a nightmarish future where, although successful in his career, he is grossly overweight and lives alone. After an argument with Donna, Michael is then skipped a further six years, during which time his father Ted has died. Although he is a highly successful architect, Michael uses the remote to visit the last time he saw Ted, and discovers his insensitivity towards his father. During Michael’s grief, Morty appears and reveals that he is the Angel of Death.

Fearing that Morty is about to attack him, Michael fast forwards seven years into the future. He arrives at Ben’s wedding in 2030, and overcome with emotion, bursts an artery. Morty tries to persuade Michael that his life doesn’t have to end yet. Michael dies in his son’s arms, but not before telling his family of his love for them.

There is a white flash, and Michael wakes up in the present day believing his misadventure to have been a dream. He makes amends with his parents and reassures Donna, Ben, and Samantha of his affection for them. After reading a note from Morty explaining his “second chance”, Michael throws the remote in the trash.

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