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Nov 192009

Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey is a 1991 American comedy science fiction film, the sequel to Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Like the first film, it stars Keanu Reeves as “Ted” Theodore Logan and Alex Winter as Bill S. Preston Esq. The film’s original working title was Bill & Ted Go To Hell.

The movie opens in the future, where Chuck De Nomolos (Joss Ackland) steals a time traveling phone booth, and then sends robotic duplicates of Bill (Alex Winter) and Ted (Keanu Reeves) back to the past to prevent their band Wyld Stallyns from winning the Fourth Annual San Dimas Battle of the Bands, and thus removing their influence on history. Rufus (George Carlin) attempts to stop De Nomolos’ plan but ends up lost in time. In the present, Bill and Ted struggle with their band Wyld Stallyns; while former 15th-century princesses and current fiancées Elizabeth (Annette Azcuy) and Joanna (Sarah Trigger) have become skilled on their instruments, Bill and Ted are still inept. De Nomolos’ clones capture Bill and Ted, and kill the pair by throwing them over a cliff (the same cliff shown in Star Trek earlier in the film), then take over their lives, including ruining their relationships with the princesses.

The real Bill and Ted find themselves facing Death (William Sadler), the Grim Reaper, who challenges them to a game for their souls. They realize they have no chance of defeating him, and instead give Death a “melvin” and flee. Bill and Ted try to find someone that can help them in their ethereal state, first by possessing Ted’s father, Captain Logan (Hal Landon Jr.) — “I totally possessed my Dad!” — and another police officer (Roy Brocksmith), and then by trying to call out at a séance held by Ted’s stepmother Missy (Amy Stock-Poynton). However, at the séance, they are mistaken for evil spirits and cast down into Hell. The two are sentenced by Satan (voiced by Frank Welker) and forced to live their own personal versions of Hell. The two realize their only means of escape is to play the Reaper in a game for their souls.

The Reaper brings them out of Hell, and lets them decide which game to play. The pair select several games, including Battleship, Clue, electric football, and Twister, each time winning and requiring the Reaper to insist on a rematch. Eventually the Reaper acquiesces and lets the pair command him. Bill and Ted realize that the only way to face their robotic counterparts and get to the Battle of the Bands is to find the smartest being alive to build them a more powerful set of robots. The Reaper takes them to Heaven and introduces him to Station (also voiced by Frank Welker), an alien that is able to split itself into two smaller versions of itself. The group returns to present-day Earth, and gather the necessary parts for Station at the local hardware store. As they race to the Battle of the Bands, Station completes powerful robotic versions of Bill and Ted. Station’s robots are able to defeat De Nomolos’ clones before Wyld Stallyns are due to take the stage. De Nomolos arrives from the future in the time machine, intent on defeating the band himself over a worldwide television broadcast, but Bill and Ted are able to get the upper hand with their friends’ help. Rufus, who was able to return to the future and then travel to the present, helps to secure De Nomolos while encouraging Bill and Ted to get on stage and play.

As Bill and Ted reunite with their fiancées and prepare to play, they realize that their musical skills still are lacking, and the four of them disappear briefly in the time machine, reappearing moments later but aged 16 months; during their time, they have not only learned how to skillfully play their instruments but both couples have married and born a child. Wyld Stallyns, joined by both the Reaper and Station, play their world-changing music to a global television audience thanks to De Nomolos’ interference. During the end credits, fictional newspaper and magazine articles describe the worldwide impact of the Stallyns’ music towards the Utopian future.

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