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Nov 232009

Austin Powers in Goldmember, released in 2002, is the third film of the Austin Powers series starring Mike Myers in the title role. The movie was directed by Jay Roach, and co-written by Mike Myers and Michael McCullers. Myers also plays the roles of Dr. Evil, Goldmember and Fat Bastard. The movie co-stars Beyoncé Knowles, Robert Wagner, Seth Green, Michael York, Verne Troyer, Michael Caine and Fred Savage. There are a number of cameo appearances including Steven Spielberg, Kevin Spacey, Britney Spears, Quincy Jones, Tom Cruise, Katie Couric, Nathan Lane and The Osbournes.

In a self-parody of the Austin Powers series, there is a film within the film in the opening. Austin Powers is featured in a bio-pic called Austinpussy (a parody of the James Bond film Octopussy) directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Cruise as Austin Powers, Gwyneth Paltrow as Dixie Normous, Kevin Spacey as Dr. Evil, Danny DeVito as Mini-Me, and John Travolta as Goldmember.

Goldmember is a loose parody of the James Bond movies Goldfinger and You Only Live Twice, also incorporating elements of The Spy Who Loved Me and GoldenEye. The film took in approximately $296 million from movie tickets worldwide.

Dr Evil’s new lair lies behind the Hollywood Sign.The year is 2002. In his lair behind the famous Hollywood sign, Dr. Evil outlines his latest plan. He will go back in time to 1975 and bring back Johan van der Smut (alias Goldmember), who developed a cold fusion unit for a tractor beam. He intends to use the tractor beam to pull a meteor into the Earth to strike the polar ice caps and cause global flooding. The plot is discovered by the British Secret Service; Austin Powers arrests Dr. Evil and places him in a maximum security prison.

Austin is knighted for his services but is disappointed when his father, the famous super-spy Nigel Powers, fails to attend. He later learns that his father has been kidnapped from his yacht and that some of the crew have had their genitals painted with gold. In search of answers, Austin visits the imprisoned Dr. Evil in Geneva, who tells him that Goldmember is behind the abduction and, on the condition that he be transferred to a normal prison to be with his beloved Mini-Me, reveals that Goldmember is in 1975. Traveling to 1975, Austin infiltrates Goldmember’s roller disco club “Studio 69″. Austin meets up with Foxxy Cleopatra—an old flame and FBI agent—who is undercover in the club. Austin locates his father but before they can escape they are delivered into Goldmember’s inner sanctum. Goldmember abducts Nigel to 2002 using Dr. Evil’s time machine. In 2002, Dr. Evil and Mini-Me instigate a riot in their prison, allowing them to escape.

A British Intelligence mole in Dr. Evil’s organization informs Austin that the doctor has moved to a new lair somewhere near Tokyo, Japan. Austin and Foxxy fly to Tokyo where they are informed that Dr. Evil’s henchman Fat Bastard is wrestling at the Asahi Sumo Arena. Austin confronts Fat Bastard and manages to subdue him. Fat Bastard confesses that a Japanese businessman, Mr. Roboto, is making a device for Dr. Evil.

Dr. Evil’s new lair is a submarine lurking in Tokyo Bay. Goldmember tells Dr. Evil that they have the ultimate insurance policy in Austin Power’s father. Mini-Me escorts Nigel to his cell but he starts to subvert Mini-Me. Scott presents his father with a pair of sharks with laser beams attached to their heads. Overjoyed, Dr. Evil professes his love for his son and seats Scott at his right hand, displacing Mini-Me. The clone leaves dejected.

Austin and Foxxy meet with Mr. Roboto, who pleads ignorance about Nigel’s whereabouts. Unconvinced, Austin and Foxxy infiltrate Roboto’s factory where the command unit for the tractor beam is being loaded in Goldmember’s car. Roboto hands Goldmember a golden key which is needed to activate the beam. Foxxy confronts Goldmember, but Nigel is about to have an “unfortunate smelting accident” and Goldmember escapes as Nigel is rescued. Austin and Nigel dispute the course of action but cannot agree, and go their separate ways.

In Austin’s hotel, the mole has arranged the defection of Mini-Me. Austin, Foxxy and Mini-Me (now an Austin Mini) use Nigel’s spy car in submarine mode to reach Dr. Evil’s lair and gain entry. Foxxy splits up from Austin and Mini-Me, and they search the sub.

In the control room, Dr. Evil threatens the World Organization with global flooding. To prove he isn’t bluffing, he uses the tractor beam to pull a satellite out of orbit. Following the successful trial of the beam, Roboto demands a bonus which Dr. Evil refuses. Becoming more evil, Scott disposes of Roboto in the shark tank.

Austin and Mini-Me are waylaid by the medical officer but obtain a plan of the vessel. After being discovered by the MO, Mini-Me escapes and meets up with Foxxy while Austin is taken to the control room.

Dr. Evil offers to show Austin his plan before killing him, but the activation key is missing. Foxxy enters with a gun and the missing key, followed by Mini-Me (shocking Dr. Evil). Austin threatens Dr. Evil at gunpoint, but his father intervenes and reveals that Dr. Evil and Austin are brothers, separated at an early age during an assassination attempt, which shows how Dr. Evil ended up in the care of the Belgian man and the French prostitute mentioned in the first film. The brothers, Mini-Me, and Nigel are reconciled, but Scott interrupts, angry that now that he has become evil his father is turning good. Declaring that he hates them all, he vows revenge and leaves.

However, Goldmember intends to complete the destruction of the world. Although Foxxy throws the activation key into the shark tank, Goldmember has a spare: his gold-plated penis. As Goldmember activates the tractor beam, Austin attempts to misdirect Goldmember’s gunfire while Dr. Evil (now “Dougie”) reverses the polarity of the cold fusion unit, which electrocutes Goldmember and destroys the meteor.

It is revealed that the entire string of events was adapted into a film by Steven Spielberg, starring Tom Cruise. The Austin Powers cast (aside from Scott and Nigel) are in the audience of a Hollywood theater watching the film. Upon exiting, they bump into Fat Bastard, but he took the Subway diet and is now very thin. Austin and Foxxy exit the theater and share a kiss.

Alone in Dr. Evil’s Hollywood lair, a bald, maniacal Scott has taken over Dr. Evil’s criminal empire and vows revenge on Austin.

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